Automotive & Manufacturing

With manufacturing & automation making up a significant percentage of the global economy, it is no wonder that competition is at its historical peak in this sector. That is why at IDeallss, when we focus on the manufacturing sector, we know what cards to bring to the table to offer you the best solution that is out there.

We have to date sourced and contracted over 20 functional specialists from Germany & Japan, the world’s two leading manufacturing economies. With experience in the field of an average of over 10 years, and expertise in Computer aided Design & Manufacture, B2MML, SCADA system design, parallel robotic design specializing in Stewart platform design are to name but a few of the niche skills which we would be able to complement your projects with.

Banking, Finance & Insurance

Banking & Finance is not what it was 10 years ago. On one hand customers are demanding and savvier on product knowledge and on the other hand, financial firms are being inundated with regulatory and compliance requirements which increased ten fold over the past 10 years.

We at IDeallss understand and focus on delivering customer focused innovative solutions which conform to the latest and most demanding regulatory requirements.

Sourcing from a pool of functional managers from fortune 500 financial institutions, and combining them with teams of technical experts with over an average of 5 years of application development experinace in the banking and financial sector, we are able to meet the most challenging demands on time, every time.

FinanceOur functional managers have over an average of 10 years of experience in

  • Cash Management
  • Institutional Banking
  • Wealth Management
  • Risk Management
  • Trade Finance
  • Treasury Services
  • Retail Banking
  • Branch Banking
  • Deposit Products
  • Online Banking
  • Payment Solutionz

Our technical managers are drawn from a vast array of past projects and they have garnered experience in

  • Service orientated architecture (SOA)
  • Business process management (BPM)
  • Retail banking - Branch banking, Internet banking, Mortgage & loan processing
  • Credit cards - launch engine, Acquisition engine, transaction processing, Collections, Back office
  • Capital markets - Customization of trading platforms, brokerage back office, Exchange operations
  • Payments - Account clearing house, Entitlement engines, EBPP, Check services
  • Risk & compliance - Credit risk, market risk, Operational risk.

IDeallss partners with insurance companies and helps increase their business value. Our service creates a compelling value proposition that encompasses the entire insurance value chain. Our consultants have been successful in delivering strategic IT solutionz to our Insurance clients which are focused on delivering business value such as reduced time to market innovative products, increased operational efficiency and customer service, keeping in mind the requirements for compliance and regulatory reporting.

We build Enterprise Information Portals that tie together streams of data, from all channels and back office systems, to produce a unified, up-to-date view for customers, channel partners and employees. Data warehousing, Business intelligence, Data aggregation services, Implementation of ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools are widely needed by the insurance industry. Along with these we also possess experience in decision and rule engine algorithm development, solution architecture and implementations, Case management, Policy implementation, Underwriting and billing ,Policy management, Claims adjudication and management & Statutory reporting and compliance.

Consumer & Retail

Market Research & Analysis, Product orientation, Fraud, Inventory management, Supply chain management, IT infrastructure support, E Commerce, Extranet & Intranet maintenance, Firewalls and virus attacks, Waste management...... and the list goes on. Sounds familiar?

For us at IDeallss, it does.

We design technology solutionz and services that are closely integrated with the needs of the industry. This is possible because of the in-depth domain knowledge that the company has acquired in various industry segments through his world class talent. We offer a complete basket of IT consulting services built around the leading technologies found in the Consumer & Retail sector.

With a staff of 120 Personnel both functional and technical, we have successfully implemented an Information System for a retail chain spanning a geographic area of 450,000 Sq Km with over 75 outlets, 13 Warehouses with centralised inventory control, over 350 suppliers, dynamic market research utilising data mining, significant cash sales, Contingency planning and centralised reporting broken down to outlet wise/ product wise performance, We Know What We Are Talking About.

This wealth of expertise is yours on day one with no infrastructure or human capital costs. We bring you the ultimate team to meet your most demanding requirements at the lowest overall cost.


Ideallss wealth of experience in these areas servicing some of the industry’s largest providers, gives clients the confidence that IDeallss consultants not only have relevant technical expertise, but understand the sector’s business challenges.

We provide the necessary functional and technical expertise to ensure that the IT systems operate with broadened capabilities and efficiency. Our clients are working on mobile softwares using SQA services, Call centers, Fraud detection, CRM, IVR products , SIP, CTI, Quality Assurance & Testing , VoIP & Speech recognition.

With software implementations carried out for clients in establishing mobility support softwares, we have helped clients transform there business model and take mobility platforms from a support role to a key operational role. Increasing productivity and efficiency of staff in the field, we have directly helped in aiding the bottom line of organisations with significant results.